You have been out of work for a while. It is a fairly common story, but thatís little comfort. What is less common (and more comforting) is that you landed an interview in the city, and your boyfriend Josh is joining you for your excursion. Because you havenít had a real vacation in some time, you decided to arrive a few days early and stay a few days late.

You checked in about an hour ago and have settled into your hotel room. Itís a pretty standard room. The cable channels are okay and the free wifi is nice. Josh was exhausted when you first arrived. Actually, he was tired for most of the trip, and you had to do all of the driving. Maybe heís sick. You think he would have told you if he wasnít feeling well.

Josh stretches and gets up from the bed where he was resting. ďAre you hungry?Ē he asks.

You nod. You arenít really hungry, but you think you should be. All you ate during the trip was a pack of crackers.

Josh yawns and starts putting on his jacket. ďIíll run out and get us something for dinner.Ē

Let him go.

Insist on going with him.