Eric Mason is throwing a charity masquerade ball, and everyone is invited! Toyo knows that this type of event will attract Raidon and other syndicate personalities, so he lets Fudo know he’s planning on steering clear — even though Kaida will attend. Thanks to Yuki’s costume selection, she does attends dressed as a princess, while Seiko is a honey bee. At the party, after Yuki introduces the others to her new acquaintance and fan Carl, Seiko becomes curious about Eric and Raidon’s apparently congenial conversation. She interrupts and asks Eric to dance and then asks him for pointers on dancing. Tristan, watching from the sidelines, feels pangs of worry and possibly jealousy at the scene. Kaida is fed up with the juvenile insecurities, and, to prove to her brother the harmlessness of dancing, grabs a nearby stranger, dressed as Zorro, to be a dance partner. Meanwhile, Carl feels ill, and he and Yuki leave the party with Brad acting as designated driver. Violet finds Eric and Seiko on the dance floor and beckons them to the terrace to discuss a strategy of dealing with the threats against him.

In the middle of Kaida’s dance with the silent stranger, whom she finds familiar and comfortable, a shot rings out in the ballroom and the chandelier crashes to the floor. The party guests are bombarded with the scraps of crystal, but fortunately, no one receives heavy injuries (although Dozer drops and breaks his smartphone device). The gunman is dressed as the Phantom of the Opera. He immediately starts making threats, and Raidon sets out to subdue him and bring the party under control. He can barely take a step before the gunman turns and deals him a devastating shot to the abdomen. Raidon falls to the floor, and his companions conclude that the gunman has cohorts in the crowd. Outside, Seiko and the others heard the shots but are not sure what is happening. They attempt to call friends. Not getting through to Kaida, and after Carl accidentally drops Yuki’s phone out the car window, they get hold of Brad. Brad advises them to get more information and then call back. Eric manages to look into the party and assess the situation, but they are interrupted by a villain dressed as a wizard. The wizard takes Eric and Violet hostage, but Seiko manages to slip away and call the police. After locking Eric and Violet in a bedroom, the wizard later catches up with Seiko on the street and forces her into his car.

Meanwhile at the party, “the Phantom” explains his claims on the charity money are because he’s from Bridge Street, the neighborhood for which the funds are being raised. Tristan tries to gather intel by claiming to be a doctor and tending to Raidon’s wounds. Meredith and Dozer point out the co-conspirators in the crowd, and Raidon formulates a new plan, which involves revealing those identities to Kaida. Tristan takes the info to his sister. She doesn’t know what she’s supposedto do about it, but her black clad dance partner vanishes. A few minutes later, he reappears at her side, and the Phantom’s cohorts are each discovered dead, stabbed with the carving knife from the buffet. The phantom and zorro then face off but are interrupted by Eric and Violet who have escaped from the locked room and made their way back to the ballroom. Eric reveals the thieves’ true nature as greedy rich kids just after more money. Meredith takes the gun off of one of the bodies and uses it to threaten and disarm the phantom.

Although he is aware that his companions are in custody, the wizard refuses to release Seiko because he believes danger still exists, to him and to Seiko, from his leader, Carl. After he reveals Carl’s nature, Seiko becomes afraid for Yuki. She grapples with the wizard, get’s his gun away from him, and takes his car. She immediately calls Tara, the police officer, who gets the word out to other police. Despite being told in no uncertain terms NOT to, Seiko rushes to Yuki’s aid as well. When she arrives, Brad and Carl are fighting on the high overlook, and Yuki is locked in the car. Seiko breaks Yuki free and then tends to Brad’s head injury while Yuki deals heavy karate damage to Carl. At the verge of defeat, Carl gets hold of the gun Seiko has brought. She bluffs that the gun isn’t loaded, which buys enough time for Yuki to get in a decisive kick, sending Carl nearly to his demise over the cliff. Seiko and Yuki pull him up. Yuki embraces Brad and takes him to the hospital. Seiko returns to the party, and is scolded by Tara and defended by Tristan. Kaida’s black-clad dance partner has vanished.

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