Derek’s shot stops the lift before Puck tackles him. Conrad’s takes down Cass but not before she wings Mike who falls from the lift. Seiko leaps down to assist Mike and is relieved to find out he borrowed a bullet-proof vest from Conrad. However, the force of the shot has left him injured and in severe pain. Upon opening the duffel bag from the lift, Gibson discovers only one of the several diaries and a walkie talkie that Alex uses to explain he hid the other books to ensure his friends’ safety. Angered, Gibson makes his way up the mountain. Derek manages to shake Puck off by stabbing the dog and then taking a shot. He then goes after Seiko, who is giving medical assistance to Cass.

Kaida arrives at the scene, gun in hand. At her instructions, Mike takes Derek’s gun to guard him while Seiko continues first aid. Kaida heads up the mountain to stop Gibson and help Alex. Unfortunately, Valentine is not far behind, he takes Kaida at knife point and demands Alex cough up the books. Then to everyone’s surprise, Raidon’s butler Tim reveals he already found the books and advises they all disperse before the rangers arrive. As Valentine leaves, he tosses Alex one of Caroline’s severed braids. Alex and Kaida make their way back to the cabin where rangers are assisting Brigit and her newborn. Alex demands to go with a ranger to find Caroline. His little sister is found bleeding and bruised but alive. She and Yuki are taken to the hospital.

Following the events, Ashley and Conrad return to Conrad’s castle where Tristan is studying to be a first responder. Ashley teases him about girls and inquires about his friend Sean, undergoing treatment for a suicide attempt. At the hospital, Yuki asks Brad about her brother’s case, and Brad tells her they will work on it together after she recovers. Meanwhile, Raidon meets with his own team including his butler Tim, tech expert Dozer, and disguise artist Quinn (aka Allison). They secretly worked to acquire the diaries in Raidon’s unauthorized plan. After the dust settles, Alex visits the bookstore to give Kaida a gift, one diary he held back from the criminals in hopes that it can help her with her memory.

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