While searching the attic for baby supplies, Ricky Harding discovers the diaries their former chef Carter bequeathed to Kaida. Ricky decides to surprise her with the books as a gift and invites Kaida and her friends to join their family at their winter cabin. Meanwhile, the crime syndicate is attempting to retrieve the diaries, which might contain incriminating evidence against Raidon (Carter’s employer when they were written). A group of thieves fail to find the books in the Hardings’ house, so the job is placed in the hands of the assassins, specifically Meredith, due to Kaida’s involvement. Raidon is bitter about their boss placing his subordinate in charge.

Meanwhile, Brad remains behind to work on the prematurely-closed accidental death case of Yuki’s brother Brandon. Homicide detective Tara Price is also working after hours to track the serial killer Valentine. They make inquiries at local bars. Tara makes no headway with her case, but Brad finds leads on Brandon. Brandon was last seen with his brother Lee, attempting to show him a suspicious folder from their dad’s den. Lee bought Brandon, a recovering alcoholic, drinks to calm him, and the men left together. Brad and Tara reach three possible conclusions about Brandon’s death. Lee might have driven the car for some way and then left his brother to drive; Lee might have had the accident and then staged it to appear that his brother was driving; or Lee murdered his brother and staged the accident to cover it up. The absence of the folder makes Brad and Tara suspect the worst, and they make plans to continue the case with Yuki’s help.

At the ski resort, Yuki, Alex, and Alex’s little sister Caroline take to the slopes. Kaida enjoys the warmth of the lodge until she meets a kindred spirit named Allison who invites her on a short road trip to a favorite antiquing spot. Due to her recent injuries from the fire, Seiko must remain in the cabin but has Mike for company and provides assistance to heavily-pregnant Brigit. Seiko grows increasingly curious and Mike increasingly worried about their unusual neighbors. Next door are an old fisherman and a timid young woman, and across the lake are three apparent sport hunters who seem to be spying on them. Unbeknownst to Seiko and Mike, the three are the assassin team Meredith has put on the mission. Mostly under the instructions of the senior member Gibson, the team plans to search the cabin when the Hardings and company leave for dinner at the lodge.

Searching the empty house, the trio of criminals find no books, as Ricky has taken them to the lodge. The weather turns rough that evening, and Kaida decides to remain with Allison at the home of the antique store owner, delaying Ricky’s plans to give her the diaries. When the group return from dinner, Gibson and his team have left to regroup with Meredith, leaving behind only their footprints, rapidly filling with falling snow. Seiko notices the cabin across the lake is empty and convinces Mike to join her in snooping. They are intercepted by the mysterious next door neighbors, who turn out to be Conrad and a witness named Ashley under his protection.

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