Seiko is spending another late night in her office to investigate the possible connections between the university and Kaida’s amnesia. Tristan visits and meets Seiko’s long-time colleague Dr. Joe Everett. Although it’s late, Seiko decides to continue her investigation by checking the archived thesis work in the library basement while Tristan goes to get dinner from a nearby fast food joint. While he initially defended his department’s involvement in the crime syndicate, Joe meets Seiko in the library and confesses that it was his research that was used, not be the syndicate but by one individual who asked for his help to “save lives.”

On his way back with dinner, Tristan hears a ground-shaking boom and sees smoke rising from campus. He starts desperately trying to get Seiko on the phone. When Seiko gets oriented in the rubble, she finds herself under a bookcase with a sore chest. After locating her phone and contacting Tristan, she locates Joe, who has broken his leg, and the two of them seek refuge under a sturdy desk. While Tristan helps the rescue team (and stays out of their way), Joe uses their confinement to explain the nature of his research and his “amnesia drug.” The drug doesn’t erase memories but causes cloudy recollection, confusing memories with dreams or with memories of fiction, and the effects are complicated by the power of suggestion.

The rescue team consists of firefighters and bomb squad. After a failed rescue attempt and another explosion, Seiko and Tristan realize the bomber must be a member of the team. Tristan notices one of the firemen away from the group but is prevented from following him. The bomber, Zack, encounters Seiko in the basement and duct tapes her to a handrail while he steals a file, confessing that the bombs were a distraction for the theft. He set another explosive to cover his tracks, but Tristan (having snuck into the building) intercepts him and forces him to disarm the bomb.

Following the incident, Kaida gets angry not at Zack but at the syndicate for using him as a pawn. Seiko explains to her what she discovered, and Kaida starts reflecting on ways to sort out her memory.

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