Following their crash, Tristan and Seiko take refuge in a tree. Tristan explains how he recovered Yuki’s bike and trailed Seiko, and the two of them confess their feelings for each other. Meredith and the thugs find them and Tim dispatches Tristan by crushing his head against the tree, while Meredith administers an injection to Seiko.

Seiko finds herself in a picturesque setting with a castle and lovely gardens. She is greeted by her parents, and Tristan tells her she’s dead. Seiko soon realizes she is dreaming and wakes up in a poshly decorated sitting room. Her memory is fuzzy, and she can’t recall where she acquired the cuts in her arm. She assumes it was the work of Fudo. She explores the house and finds Raidon passing sentence on the apprehended Sean and Kylie and talking about the others including Tristan’s fate. Seiko returns to the room without being discovered, and Raidon comes in after a short time to tend to the wounds and feed Seiko a story about how she and Tristan had been attacked by Fudo. After he leaves, Seiko sneaks out of the house, and uses keys she got from Celes to steal one of Raidon’s cars.

Despite what she overheard, Seiko cannot believe Tristan is dead. She traces her steps and follows clues to the scene of the incident. She finds that the bike is gone, the tree branch was cut down, and the blood was scrubbed away with bleach. Crushed by the realization of the events, Seiko collapses beside the tree, but Conrad appears and insists she join him to rescue Sean and Kylie. They find the unlucky pair, digging their own grave in the forest while under Ronnie’s gun and Tim’s watch. Although they run as fast as they can, they arrive too late to save Kylie from getting shot in the face. Seiko attempts first aid while Sean and Conrad fight with the villains. Despite her efforts, Seiko can do little more than hold Kylie as she grows pale and mutters a few final words before becoming silent. Conrad pulls Seiko up before she has time to process the scene and sends her to retrieve Sean, who is pursuing the injured and retreating thugs. While Seiko gets a strike in against Ronnie, she is knocked unconscious. Tim pulls his injured comrade away from the scene.

Seiko wakes up in what seems to be a castle and assumes she is dreaming again. Tristan’s appearance apparently confirms this, but Conrad puts the suspicions to rest. It is his castle. He’s not only an eccentric but also Tristan’s father. He tells Seiko that he had faked his death to hide from enemies, but emerged when Violet and Tucker Nash were the target of a murder plot. At the same time, Carter Davis was in danger, and Conrad went to the city to save him (but failed). Violet successfully rescued the Nashes, who have been living in the castle. While Seiko reunites with her adoptive parents, Conrad asks Tristan to remain in hiding with him, but Tristan refuses. When she returns, Seiko also refuses the offer. She wants to follow a hunch involving the drugs she was given to help Kaida recover her memory. Tristan passes out, having been stupidly stoic about his injuries, and Conrad rushes him to the hospital.

Seiko, in the meantime, remembers her original mission and makes haste to Fudo’s forest cabin. Celes has already done all she can, but Fudo lost a lot of blood. Tristan shows up with some transfusion supplies he just stole from the hospital and offers to be a donor. He and Seiko argue about it. Meanwhile Raidon meets with Tim to discuss displays of compassion (considering Tim’s recent actions), while Raidon looks worn and depressed from the results of the night. He also meets with his own boss and is chastised for his personal endeavors and warned that if Kaida continues to distract him, she might have to be “removed.” Prompted by this, Raidon breaks things off with a delicate phone call to Kaida, wishing her a good life and assuring her that all has been handled, including dropping charges against Violet. Later, Pepper is arrested for the attempted murders of Toyo and Seiko. Finally, a somber and small funeral service for Kylie is held in the graveyard. Sean is inconsolable.

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