A few days after Fudo’s capture, Seiko and Mike are determined to help him, but they have no plans and don’t even know if he’s alive or dead. Then Celes shows up with intel and experience. She had accepted a job as Raidon’s driver to seek revenge for Toyo’s attack. She overheard their plan to hang him and knows when and where. Together, Celes, Mike, and Seiko assemble Kaida’s arsenal. Then they drive to the remote location on the outskirts of town, set up a sniper rifle, and wait for the execution party to arrive.

Prior to the main event, Raidon allows Kaida to visit and bid farewell to her ex-husband. Fudo makes no resistance and is teary-eyed to see her, but Kaida is full of range and wants to do the job herself. Raidon tells her that she needs to help him set up an alibi, so she curses Fudo and leaves. Raidon then coerces Fudo to write a dictated suicide note. Following a tip from Celes, Yuki gets dressed up and brings Brad along to the Twilight Inn, where she interrupts Raidon and Kaida’s date and, in the ladies restroom, shows her the photograph from the late Carter’s camera.

Kaida recalls the day she received her necklace. Ten years ago, she had been ordered by Raidon to kill Fudo because he had gone rogue and was killing innocents. When Kaida met with her former husband, however, she leaned that the accusation was not true. Fudo, thinking it was a romantic meeting had brought along the necklace and presented it to her as a promise to be there for her. The flashback is not enough to win Kaida over, so Yuki confesses that she knows Kaida killer her fiancé Luke. Upon leaving the restroom, Kaida cancels her date, Violet punches Raidon, and all of them head to the police station to file the assault charges.

In the meantime, the execution party, composed of Meredith, Tim, Ronnie, and their captive Fudo, appear at the scene of the upcoming crime. When they are in position at the noose, Seiko takes aim and misses — twice. Mike runs to Fudo’s rescue and cuts the rope loose while Meredith and Seiko grapple with the villains and the would-be lookouts Sean and Kylie sneak away to summon help. Fudo regains consciousness and joins the fray, wounding Tim, whom Seiko promptly bandages. The fight comes to a climax when Fudo is shot and Seiko taken captive. Celes and Mike rush Fudo to safely, while Tristan, on Yuki’s bike, rides to Seiko’s rescue. Meredith shoots the bikes tires and calls Raidon for further instructions.

Filling out paperwork at the police station, Raidon takes the call, and a suspicious Yuki attempts to get information about the plot from Kaida. Despite their friendship, Kaida reveals nothing, but they discuss Luke and apparently put the incident behind them. Kylie and Sean arrive at the station, but are spooked by Raidon’s presence and decide to cut their losses and get out of town.

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