Seiko is delirious with a fever and being watched by Tristan while Kaida goes on a date with Raidon. Seiko is very clingy and cries when Tristan leaves for a couple hours for groceries and medicine. She confesses affection for him in her delirium, and Tristan insists she rests. Meanwhile, Yuki is having a miserable day. She is poisoned, has her motorcycle stolen, and is nearly run over, saved in the nick of time when Brad pushes her out of the way. Battered, Yuki comes looking for Kaida at the store and there she meets Ricky, who has brought over photos from the mystery cruise. Among them are pictures that were on the camera from when Carter owned it, including one of Kaida receiving her necklace from a young Fudo. Unaware of the existence of these photos, Raidon, on his date, tells Kaida that he was the one who gave her the necklace she cherishes so much. Yuki takes the photo to give to Kaida and intercepts them outside the restaurant. Yuki accuses Raidon of the attempts on her life, and this leads to a heated argument and falling out between her and Kaida. Only later does Yuki realize the attacks on her were done deliberately to provoke her and strain her relationship with Kaida, and the plan played out exactly as planned.

Seiko recovers and is tending the store almost full-time now that Kaida spends many days and nights with Raidon. One day, while Seiko is watching the store, Pepper stops by. The glint of a knife provokes Jiro to bite Pepper, thwarting her attack on Seiko. Unaware of this plot, Seiko fetches her first aid kit, and Pepper poisons her glass in her absence. After Pepper leaves, Mina stops by and tearfully asks Seiko if she can talk to Mike for her. He’s been acting very cold lately, and she doesn’t know why. Seiko calls Mike, but his phone dies in the middle of their conversation. After Mina leaves, Seiko discovers the poison and reports it to the police and Yuki, who is in her apartment with temporarily disabled Brad (in a leg cast) puzzling over Carter’s photos. She has also been contacting the FBI and found out that Carter was under surveillance — while he was doing surveillance for Raidon.

Mike finds a note under his door that is apparently from Mina, and he hurries to meet her in the park. But it turns out to be a trap. Meredith handcuffs him to a fountain and threatens him. The true target of the trap is Fudo, whom Ronnie and Tim find preparing to rescue Mike. Meredith plans to frame Mike’s death on Fudo, but Fudo frees himself and gets hold of Meredith’s gun. He uses the only shot to free Mike but gets captured himself and is soundly beaten for his resistance. Mike runs to the bookstore where he frantically tells Seiko his story. She calls Tristan to help get the cuffs off but lies about the circumstances, knowing Tristan’s hostile feelings for Seiko. Meanwhile, Raidon has an audience with Fudo in his home. He tells Fudo about the memory erasing that was done on syndicate members to spare their lives. Raidon offers Fudo protection and his old job in exchange for his life, but he flatly refuses, and Raidon informs him of his upcoming execution.

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