With Toyo incapacitated, Raidon resumes pestering Kaida, but she fends him off. She is on the edge of her patience, and Yuki has to dissuade her from seeking violent revenge on Fudo or the world as a whole. Instead, she convinces Kaida to relax and possibly find professional help for her insomnia, memory loss, and general agitation. Yuki makes her promise not to do anything rash while she and Seiko are away on their most recent job.

That “job” is replacing two sick staff members aboard a murder mystery cruise. The host is a friend of Brigit, and she and Ricky are on the cruise too. Yuki and Seiko also learn that Brigit is pregnant. Seiko is tasked with the job of cleaning and serving, while Yuki stands in for one of the actors. However, Yuki’s character is killed off early on the cruise, so she can assist Seiko. As they are cleaning one of the rooms, Seiko discovers a gun in the nightstand, and its nervous owner, a woman named Brenda, knocks Yuki unconscious and locks the girls into her room. Yuki recognizes Brenda as a fugitive named Valerie. whose sons were murdered, and her husband went missing. With Ricky and Brigit’s help, they escape the cabin. Yuki and Ricky confront Valerie while Seiko and Brigit warn the captain. Unfortunately, they find out that Valerie killed neither her sons nor husband Nathan, and the captain is actually Nathan in disguise. It escalates to a hostage situation. Seiko is wounded, but when Nathan takes Brigit at knife-point, Valerie shoots him. Nathan dies of his injuries, and Seiko ponders the nature of love.

Meanwhile, Kaida is good to her word and seeks conventional help for the troubles plaguing her. She seeks the advice of a psychiatrist and then, as a stretch, visits a priest. As non-religious, she has an interesting conversation with the priest (O’Bryan), who is sympathetic and diplomatic with her emotional needs. She also discovers that Tristan is a member of the choir. She invites Tristan and Mike to dinner as a final step in her relaxation therapy. Mike excuses himself early to escort Mina to her car. Kaida and Tristan have a candid talk about her past, and what little he apparently knows of it.

Mike loses track of Mina in the parking garage and is ambushed by Meredith out to take revenge for her husband, the man Mike killed two years ago. Luckily, Fudo is in the neighborhood (spying on Kaida) and rushes to his rescue. Meredith leaves as soon as he arrives. Mike expresses his hatred of Fudo, despite the rescue. While Fudo bandages Mike, he expresses his sorrow and confusion and his belief in his own evil nature. Mike ends up defending Fudo and reminding him of their history. Then Fudo escorts Mike to the hospital to treat his mangled hand and broken jaw.

Kaida and Tristan end up in the hospital visiting Toyo. Tristan brings his comatose friend flowers, but Kaida can’t bear to see him, so stays in the waiting room alone with one other visitor, Fudo in a disguise. Fudo avoids her gaze and attempts at conversation. Kaida has a memory evoked by his posture. In that past event, Toyo was being treated for a gunshot wound. Raidon held Kaida possessively and warned Fudo to watch his attitude or he would make like unpleasant. Then, Meredith presented Kaida with a pair of sunglasses — taken from the body of her first victim. The image disturbs Kaida so much that she screams and has a breakdown in the waiting room. Fudo shows sympathy but keeps his distance as Tristan rushes in to comfort her. Then they encounter Mike, now bandaged up, who explains that he was mugged.

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