Seiko returns to town and ends up pushing Raidon out of the way of a truck before heading home. The pleasant homecoming is short-lives, though, because Caroline Harding is kidnapped. Alex gets suspicious when the kidnapper demands Alex bring the money alone and leave his dog at home. When his sister is released, Alex is shot point blank by Ronnie but saved thanks to a bullet-proof vest. Raidon pursues the villain, but Ronnie escapes by apparently firing a shot at him — which Seiko believes is a ruse. Raidon then tried to reconnect with Kaida, but Toyo intercepts his advances.

Later, Kaida joins Yuki for their annual trip to the Renaissance Fair. Tristan, Seiko, and Celes join them, and Kaida leaves Jiro in Toyo’s care. While the others sleep in the car, Kaida tells Celes about Yuki’s tragic Ren Fair history. Yuki used to have regular rendezvous with her fiancĂ© Luke at the park. Even after she left him at the altar after the fortune teller Hyacinth warned her of a wedding tragedy, Luke met her again. That last time, he even prepared ceremonies for their “take two” wedding at the park. Yuki conquered her fears, confronted Hyacinth, and was excited to get married. Tragically, Luke was killed just before the ceremony, shot during the fireworks show by a sniper in the bell tower. Kaida confesses to Celes that the sniper was her.

This year at the park, Yuki has a less eventful time. Yuki ducks Hyacinth and goes off on her own in the park. In the evening, she meets Brad on the roof of the chapel. Yuki expresses her sympathy for the syndicate’s victims and employees, and they watch the fireworks together. While Yuki is on her own, Celes receives a dismal fortune foretelling her capture and the loss of a close friend. Tristan and Seiko brows the fair together, getting mistaken for a married couple. Kaida helps a lost girl find her mom and then has a run-in with the vengeful sister of a former victim. She is rescued by a “mysterious” monk with a sword who vanishes as soon as he arrives. Kaida talks and connects with her attacker, as a sister herself. At the end of the day, Yuki travels home with Brad instead of the other group.

As they arrive in town, they discover Jiro badly wounded and wandering the street. Tristan takes him to the vet, while the others escort Kaida to the hospital to have her injuries from the fight checked out. They discover that Toyo is comatose in the hospital, after being attacked in his home, and Brad reveals that one of Fudo’s knives was found on the scene. Stepping outside to make a call, Seiko finds Fudo in the alley, hoping to overhear news of Toyo’s condition. He believes he must’ve attacked his friend, but Seiko insists that he was at the Ren Fair, costumed as a monk. Raidon also has an alibi, given before he even finds out what happened. He consoles Celes and offers her a place to stay.

Still recovering from their ordeal, Kaida and the girls along with Mike and Alex help Eric Mason prepare campaign banners for the mayoral race. Mrs. Taney also provides a video of Mike Thompson Sr.’s campaign and tells Mike what a dedicated father he was, always putting Mike’s (Jr.) needs ahead of the campaign. This discussion elicits an emotional outpouring from Mike, and he has a one-one-one venting with Seiko about his turmoil in the foster system and what he thought was genuine kindness from Fudo. He has now decided that Fudo is nothing more than a conniving villain, and Mike has new hatred for him for having killed his father.

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