While sitting in jail and talking to Meredith about the future, Raidon reminisces about the past, specifically the night sixteen years ago when he proposed to Kaida. Kaida was speechless and asked for more time. Then Raidon had to send her out on a mission, in which she was partnered with Fudo — despite the objections Raidon brought up earlier that day at a meeting of syndicate heads. Kaida and Fudo carried out their hit with no complications, but they also eloped. Meredith is amused by the story and the repercussions of antagonizing Raidon.

Seiko then sets out on a personal mission, one which she tells no one about. She delivers a care package to Fudo’s shack in the woods. Fudo is not home when he arrives, but she’s relieved to see recent signs of habitation, proving he recovered from his wounds. Seiko leaves before Fudo returns, but he finds and attacks her on a deserted street. As she passes out from blood loss, Seiko gives Fudo pause when he thinks he remembers his wedding, but Seiko points out that Kaida’s father is long dead. Seiko wakes up in the hospital, having been left anonymously wrapped in the blanket that was in the care package. Her injury was so severe that her adoptive parents from out of town, the Nashes visit to check on her. Yuki offers to compare notes with Tucker, who is still investigating the Toriumis’ deaths.

Kaida resolves to tell Seiko her terrible secret out of fear of Tucker revealing it first. But before she can speak, Kaida is distracted by one interruption after another. First, an older customer named Conrad shows interest in a book that belonged to her father but settles for a copy of The Source when she refuses. Then Ricky and Brigit somberly arrives informing them that their chef Carter died unexpectedly of a heart attack and ask them to come to the funeral. The reason for their presence is that Kaida is mentioned in the will as primary benefactor to his modest estate. She is also bequeathed his diaries, but they can’t be found. Before they can recover from that blow, Brad and Yuki arrive to discuss the circumstances of two more deaths, the Nashes. Overhearing this revelation, Seiko runs, weeping into the dark night. Her friends rally to find her, and she is discovered by Mike in a questionable bar. Mike barely escapes the scene with his life as Conrad calms the mob out for the blood of Fudo’s former accomplice. After she calms down, Seiko packs to return to her hometown and settle the Nashes affairs.

With Seiko’s absence, everyone goes their separate ways. Kaida sulks in her basement, trying to convince herself that peace and solitude is exactly what she wants. Tristan sulks in his apartment, attempting to write a letter to express his feelings, while Conrad encourages him. Alex returns to his normal but boring life as a teenage boy playing baseball. Even Fudo struggles with his identity and curses Seiko for making him hesitate, while Seiko herself can’t decide what she wants to do as she looks over the Nashes’ charred foundation and Violet gives her a pep talk. Yuki struggles with her files to prevent more syndicate leaders from getting out of jail, but despite her efforts, Raidon and Meredith are, within time, released.

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