At the end of the college semester, Kaida’s store is buzzing. Not only are three college student customers and Tristan, Seiko and Mike helping out, but Kaida’s sister Violet drops by too, and gushes to see Tristan with Seiko, whom she assumes is his girlfriend. With added encouragement from one of the students (Mina), Violet also tries to talk Mike into starting applying to college. During this lively conversation, they get three more unexpected visitors, outlaws who just robbed a bank. They take all the people in the store as hostages, and Tristan recognizes two of them as his former colleagues Sean and Kylie. Kylie expresses concern that their new partner Evan is homicidal and crazy. Evan then proves it by insisting they shoot a hostage, and Mike volunteers. During this diversion, Yuki slips free of her bonds and frees Seiko and Kaida. Seiko shoots Evan with a slingshot, and Yuki tackles him. In the struggle, Sean is wounded. Kylie admits that she knew Yuki was there because of her bike parked outside and had counted on her escaping.

After the excitement dies down, Mina’s mother, Mrs. Taney, picks her up and is excited to meet Mike. She explains that his father was a close friend of hers and that he and Mina were kids together. Mike leaves with mother and daughter to look at old pictures at their home. Then Violet explains the reason for her visit, seeking Kaida’s support for a career change. Violet no longer feels like she’s helping bring down bad guys but instead adding to the suffering of victims like Kylie. She also tries to talk to Tristan and his “girlfriend,” but Tristan excuses himself to visit Sean at the hospital, and Seiko later packs some supplies to stay with him there.

Celes and Toyo show up at the store to take Kaida away for a day at the beach. Seiko tags along, and they find a lot of friends there including Mike, Alex, Tristan, and the kids they babysat, Emily and Jacob. Emily gets pulled out by the current, and Celes comes to her rescue but hurries off with Toyo before she draws too much attention. Seiko has a deep conversation with Tristan about their bad luck with love and Tristan’s personal mission to find his long lost and presumed dead father. Yuki has a summer job as lifeguard, but she is preoccupied with her new boyfriend Curtis, another lifeguard.

When Yuki’s brothers arrive to take her out for ice-cream, she and Curtis are nowhere to be found. Eventually, they track down Curtis, who confesses that he drugged her and left her to be picked up by a guy who paid him. Yuki’s brothers escort him to the police station, and Kaida, Yuki, and Seiko look for her. Finding Yuki face-down in a public pool, Brad administers CPR while the girls go for help. Yuki revives and she and Brad exchange love confessions, but since she was under the influence of rohypnol, Yuki cannot remember the exchange the next day.

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