While Kaida plans an excursion to help her confront her past (and therefore, leave it behind), Alex arrives and asks for help finding his new puppy Puck, who ran away into the forest. Seiko enthusiastically agrees and plans to join Alex for a camping trip to celebrate his birthday. After Seiko and Alex leave, Yuki takes Kaida to confront her former boss.

At Yuki’s suggestion, Kaida enters the prison in disguise while Yuki talks to Raidon. He immediately sees through Kaida’s disguise, and when he acknowledges Kaida, she faints. Yuki takes Kaida, confused and weeping, home where they find Tristan asleep on her bed. He has broken in during their absence and discovered pages burned out of Kaida’s album. Kaida admits to him that she doesn’t recall the reason for their destruction. She asks Tristan if he knows anything about her necklace, but the only thing he can tell her is that it wasn’t from their father. After sending Yuki and Tristan out for booze, Kaida calls Toyo and asks him about the items in question. Toyo informs her that the syndicate destroyed a lot of personal effects relating to its operation but the album was burned out of spite, and she was crushed to lose the pictures. He doesn’t know the necklaces origins, only that she started wearing it two years after her divorce. He also informs her that Raidon once proposed to her.

Meanwhile, Seiko and Alex enjoy a night camping and Seiko wishes him a happy birthday as he wakes up. Shortly after leaving camp, they spot Puck and chase him through the forest. He nearly leads them over a steep ledge, and Seiko and Alex discover a body at the base of it, a body that turns out to be Fudo Shibata, alive but injured, starved, and unconscious. After they argue the merits of helping him or letting him die, Seiko stubbornly sets to helping him, locating Fudo’s makeshift hideout and setting him in bed. She is determined to wait until he is conscious and stable before going for help, and Alex grudgingly agrees — after hiding all the weapons.

When Fudo wakes up, he attempts to attack the good samaraitans but is too weak and misses. Seiko forces him back into bed and tells him their plans to get him medical help, to which he objects for fear of capture. Alex leaves to find cell phone reception, and Seiko is left alone with Fudo. After a short conversation, both fall asleep. They are woken by Ronnie, who is determined to murder Fudo for his vigilante killing spree. Alex arrives in the middle of the conflict, after finding the river uncrossable, and grapples with his old foe Ronnie. Fudo gets in a strike too, but falls unconscious from the exertion. In the end, it’s Puck who chases the villain away. After applying first aid to Alex and seeing him fall asleep, Seiko has another heart-to-heart with Fudo, who confesses that it was he who killed Jerry and his gang but assured her that there was no heroic motivation behind the act. He was just being his vicious self. He warns Seiko to leave with Alex because he will kill them when he gains strength. They fall asleep and Seiko wakes up with a “leave immediately” not stuck to her shirt with a knife. She rouses Alex and leaves a note promising to keep Fudo’s secret.

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