At the hospital, after some tension, all are united, and Tristan eventually confesses that it was Fudo who attacked them. Burning with hatred, Kaida leaves the hospital, set on revenge. Mike follows Kaida and convinces her to let him join her. When they reach the warehouse where Fudo stays, Kaida leaves Mike outside and enters. She finds Fudo sleeping off a head injury, caused by Seiko throwing Jeff’s helmet at him, and resolves to shoot him in his sleep. Mike double-crosses her, and when she is distracted, Fudo stabs Kaida. He prepares for another strike, but Toyo arrives. Fudo becomes sobered by his friend and leaves with him. Mike calls Kaida an ambulance and leaves too.

At Toyo’s house, Fudo rests and cleans his knives, while Toyo remembers the way things used to be. He recalls ten years ago when Fudo’s refused to do his job, and his despair over his divorce, orphaning Seiko, and Kaida’s changing personality nearly drove him to suicide. Back then, Toyo rescued Fudo and convinced him that it was never too late to make things right. Toyo, after his flashback, invites Fudo to stay with him, but the police arrive and Fudo escapes out the back door.

Fudo escapes down an alley and, pursued by Brad, scales a wall. Yuki attempts to follow but is stopped by Tim. As expected, Tim eventually gets the upper hand, but Mike trips him up and draws him away without Yuki seeing. She ends up attributing the rescue to Brad. Although Brad loses track of Fudo, he manages to wound him, and Fudo and Tim both disappear. Everyone (except Fudo, who isn’t seen again) receives medical treatment. Mike returns Tristan’s bathrobe to him and offers to help him buy new locks, but Tristan cannot forgive him for betraying Kaida and neither can she. Seiko sees things differently and tells Mike he’s a hero for saving Fudo’s life and preventing Kaida from “becoming a killer.”

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