On Valentine’s Day, Kaida doesn’t receive the usual ominous rose and card from Fudo, instead getting only a friendly box of chocolates. Seiko receives a friendly card from Alex, a sweet valentine from Eric, and a teddy bear from Tristan that he won from a claw game as a child. She also receives a bouquet, two airplane tickets, and an ominous card from Fudo suggesting she leave town. Seiko tells no one about the card and after failing to get her friends to take the tickets, she tries to put it out of her head. On her way home that evening, Seiko hears a cry for help from an alley. When she enters to assist, she is surrounded by Jerry and his gang, escaped from prison, who take her to a secluded part of town to enact revenge. After being burned and shot at, Seiko makes an escape but realizes the street has gone silent behind her. When she returns to the scene, she finds the gang slain and weeps over their bodies until Yuki and Brad find her. After having her wounds patched up, Seiko confides in Tristan that she feels guilty for the deaths and asks him to join her on the plane trip to Hawaii.

Seiko changes her mind about the trip and decides to remain in town. Tristan gives her an ear cuff to help cover the scar she received when Jerry attacked her. The newspaper tells of a vigilante taking out criminals. Fudo attacks Tristan in his apartment. He demands a key to the bookstore, which Tristan refuses him. After receiving devastating wounds, Tristan escapes by jumping out the window. Mike finds him on the street and drives him to the hospital. Seiko is woken up later that night by Fudo’s voice outside, cursing the “late” Tristan for being stubborn. Seiko confronts Fudo and Tim in front of the store, and Tim breaks her arm. Kaida awakens to the sound of Jiro who is crying because of the ambulance, and she goes to the hospital to check on Seiko.

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