When Seiko gets a phone call explaining that her parents’ killer has been caught, Kaida and Yuki set out on a trip to Seiko’s hometown to prove his innocence. En route, Kaida tells Yuki the story of the night when she and Fudo assassinated Seiko’s parents. Only Misaki was the target, but Fudo left to take her out (leaving Kaida as lookout) and returned shortly, shaken, and weeping that he couldn’t do it. Kaida returned with Fudo and found the couple together, so Kaida shot them both and grabbed some jewelry for the cover-up. As they left, they heard the daughter (Seiko) discovering the bodies, and Fudo raised a knife to eliminate her, but Kaida intercepted and got hit instead.

Once they reach the town, Kaida and Yuki find the police station and court. They meet Tucker Nash who was not only the detective leading the case but also Seiko’s adoptive father. They also run into Kaida’s twin sister Violet, a highly respected and extremely bubbly prosecuting attorney. When they meet the accused, the family’s former gardener, he claims innocence by says he has no alibi. However, Yuki discovers he was having an affair with another worker, proving his alibi and saving him without condemning Kaida.

In the meantime, Seiko has been left alone in the bookstore. Before she can get into mischief, Goro’s Solutions gets their next client, a woman looking for a runaway cat named Feather. Seiko puts up signs and goes out searching for the wayward feline. She spots Feather and chased her into an alley but slips on the ice and then discovers Mike, near death, with a knife in his chest. As Seiko calls an ambulance, Mike pleads with her to get away and not return to the bookstore, but Seiko doesn’t listen.

When Seiko returns to the store, she finds Fudo waiting inside. He says he came looking for Kaida takes Seiko upstairs to wait for her return. As they are waiting, Fudo becomes disturbed by her resemblance to her mother. He remembers his meeting with Misaki on that fateful night. Misaki had expressed her selfless concerns for him and Kaida. Fudo attacks Seiko but is interrupted by the door chime. It isn’t Kaida at the door but Alex, and Fudo lobs a knife at his back, as the boy turns to run. Fudo ties Seiko and critically wounded Alex together, sets a bookcase near them on fire, and departs. Tristan arrives on the scene, coming to return Jiro, puts out the fire, and he and Brad manage to run Fudo off when he returns. Alex and Mike recover at the hospital, and the danger passes.

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