Kaida’s former coworker and getaway driver Celes shows up at the bookstore, and they catch up on old times (overheard by Alex), but she leaves before Yuki and Seiko return. Seiko then expresses her concerns about Mike’s troubled past, and Yuki informs her of his history both in that case and when he was orphaned at two years old, when his dad, a politician, was assassinated by a throwing knife.

When the mood lightens and the girls relax (after Kaida and Yuki have a heated argument), a visitor requests assistance with his car. Yuki sets out to help him, but is taken off-guard, knocked cold, and abducted despite having been prepared for trouble. When Seiko goes to check on her and finds a blood stain, she and Kaida go searching. Luckily, Brad overhears their discussion with another police officer and shows up to rescue Yuki as she is held handcuffed to a chair and nearly beaten to death by thugs who know of her legendary crime-fighting past.

Shortly after Yuki’s run-in, the girls enjoy a snowy day in the park. With her leg still in a cast, Yuki helps Kaida build a snowman, while Tristan teaches Seiko how to ice-skate; Kaida tells Yuki how she taught Tristan as a child when Tristan was trying to impress a girl. Mike and Alex set old grudges behind and enjoy light-hearted but competitive play.

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