A car breaks down, and Yuki offers to help their owner fix it, citing her experience as a mechanic in the army and having built her own motorcycle. Unfortunately, while downtown buying a needed part, Seiko and Yuki bump into a couple of robbers, fleeing the bank. One gets away, but the other, having collided with Seiko, turns out to be Tristan. In the following confusion, they forget Yuki’s tool bag, and when they realize the mistake, Seiko returns to recover it. Tristan returns their missing bag, but it turns out to be full of the stolen money, and in the meantime, Seiko is taken hostage by the other bank robbers.

Yuki returns the money, and Tristan searches for Seiko. After a tense moment with Mike threatening him at knife-point, Tristan finds signs of Seiko’s abduction and enlists the polices’ help in finding and rescuing her. On the walk home, Tristan reveals the clues that led him to her, and Seiko chastises him for punching one of the bank robbers. When they return to the bookstore, Kaida chastises him too. Tristan then tells her his concerns about Mike’s temper.

Later Kaida throws a Halloween party attended by all their friends in costume. Mike and Tristan both come to the party, invited by Seiko. Yuki also invites her brother and a handful of eligible men she met around town. Tristan tells Seiko his concerns about Mike’s obsession with her, and Seiko promises to set him straight. Unfortunately, before she has a chance to talk to him, Seiko talks to a flirtatious former student named Eric Mason, and a heated argument begins between Alex and Mike. Seiko turns Eric’s advances down, explaining she has a crush on someone else. Mike and Alex’s argument leads to a fistfight, culminating in Mike drawing a knife and attacking Alex, only to be intercepted by Seiko, who gets stabbed in the leg.

Retiring to her room to tend the wound, Seiko has a heart-to-heart with Mike, who confesses his frustrations and his shady past, including the murder of a man he didn’t know by pushing him in front of a subway. Seiko tells him that the crush she mentioned is not related to him or Alex, but she considers both of them like brothers. Meanwhile, during the party, Yuki acts oblivious to Brad’s advances, and Brigit goes missing and then plays a prank on Ricky.

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