Ricky and Brigit invite Seiko to join them for a show. Alex is left with Kaida and Yuki. After Kaida’s long lost brother Tristan attempts to rob the store, Kaida takes his gun and throws him out on his ear. Alex pesters Kaida with questions until she swears him to secrecy on Jeff’s (the armor) ax and then send him for groceries. She and Yuki discuss the day they met, when Yuki busted into her hiding place with accusations of multiple murder but agreed to let Kaida go if she promised never to kill again.

Trouble strikes when Kaida ex-husband Fudo arrives with two henchmen and kidnaps Alex. He asks Kaida to steal a gem from a local museum for ransom and leaves one of his men to watch them from across the street. Kaida and Yuki proceed to rob the museum after leaving a note for Seiko. When they confront Fudo, Yuki and Kaida realize it was just a ruse to kill Kaida. While Yuki fights Tim (Fudo’s larger-than-life henchman) and tries to help Alex escape, Kaida confronts Fudo. Their battle is interrupted by the police (including Yuki’s friend Brad), who were summoned by Seiko and Tristan. They discover that Kaida’s note made Seiko suspicious, and she tracked down Tristan using the serial number on the gun Kaida confiscated. She also talked Fudo’s other young henchman into telling them his location.

Following this incident, things return to semi-normal. Kaida and Yuki are startled to discover that Seiko helped Fudo’s younger henchman Mike get out of a lengthy sentence by speaking to the judge on his behalf. Seiko also spoke briefly to Fudo, who warned her that Kaida was dangerous. Seiko does not tell Kaida or Yuki about this conversation. However, Kaida fields questions from Seiko regarding her marriage and her past. After this, Seiko tells them about the night her parents were killed. Seiko was 12 years old, heard the shots, discovered her parents’ bodies, and saw two silhouettes fleeing their home. Through tears, Seiko tells her friends that she is no longer angry but wants to find out the truth.

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