Yuki is fired from her job as a security guard due to an incident involving her libido and a robbery. Seiko is also unemployed thanks to this incident and then left homeless from a fire in her apartment building. Kaida invites Seiko to move into the back room of the bookstore, and she accepts.

The ladies then decide to start their own “problem solving agency” called Goro’s Solutions. Their first client is a man named Jerry who wants help recovering a missing pocket watch. However, he turns on Seiko and Yuki and tries to force them to help him rob a bank. Seiko and Yuki fight back, and Kaida comes to the rescue with her rifle.

Their next client is a woman named Mrs. Taney who asks Seiko and Yuki to clean her home. A mysterious bloodstain arouses suspicions, and Kaida is called in to help them access the bathroom, where they discover their client in a murderous trap. Her husband is arrested for the attempt, and Mrs. Taney is rescued.

Then, a local high school student named Alex Harding enlists Seiko’s help as a physics tutor. Upon learning that Seiko has a medical degree, Alex asks if she could help diagnose his brother Ricky, who refuses to see a doctor. Kaida joins Seiko, and together they go to the Harding residence. After an investigation of the household, Seiko discovers that Ricky is poisoning himself using digitalis — in order to garner the care and affection of his friend Brigit. On the trip home, Seiko asks Kaida where she found the stethoscope that belonged to her father. Kaida dodges the question.

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