Misaki Toriumi

Age (at intro): deceased at 34
Appearance: Short (4’10”), medium weight. Short black hair and blue eyes.
Personality: Kind and determined
Background: Seiko’s mother, a concert cellist who secretly spied on the crime syndicate and helped members defect. She was shot by a syndicate assassin in the guise of a burglar.

Richard Toriumi

Age (at intro): deceased at 36
Appearance: Curly brown hair and full beard. Brown eyes and glasses
Personality: Family-oriented, patient and kind
Background: Seiko’s father. A family physician who practiced out of an office in his home, so he could stay with Seiko. Shot as a bystander by a syndicate assassin.

Angela Shalon

Age (at intro): 67 years old
Appearance: Long white hair usually kept in a tight bun. Glasses
Personality: Good listener, generous, professional
Background: Well-respected local psychiatrist. Mostly treats patients in a private practice but also donates her time helping inmates in the prison.

Father Mitchel O’Bryan

Age (at intro): 49 years old
Appearance: Tallish with curly red hair and glasses
Personality: Sensible, caring, patient
Background: Priest of Tristan’s church.

Joe Everett

Age (at intro): 56 years old
Appearance: Medium height, bald with glasses
Personality: Nervous, quiet
Background: Chemistry professor at Highlawn University. Seiko’s friend and mentor. Joe developed a suggestibility drug for Raidon.

Reuben Neace
Age (at intro): deceased at 48
Appearance: unknown
Personality: unknown
Background: Late husband of Meredith Neace. He was killed in an altercation with Mike several years ago.