Ricky Harding

Age (at intro): 21 years old
Appearance: Medium height and average weight. Black medium-long hair and brown eyes
Personality: Mischievous and playful. Hardly ever a serious moment
Background: Tried various scams to woo his crush Brigit instead of being candid but eventually managed to get everything figured out. Currently taking college courses and happily married.

Brigit Harding

Age (at intro): 22 years old
Appearance: Medium height and average weight. Straight, medium-length light brown, strawberry-tint hair. Blue-green eyes
Personality: Friendly, playful, and sensible. Infinitely patient about the nonsense around her
Background: Married into the crazy prankster Harding family and a bit of a prankster herself. Brigit is a practicing nurse.

Alex Harding

Age (at intro): 17 years old
Appearance: Short and slightly heavy-set. Short black hair and brown eyes.
Personality: Has a biting, sometimes mean wit. Otherwise usually friendly and down-to-earth
Background: Graduated high school with honors. Alex is an eagle scout and an avid baseball player. He met Seiko when looking for a physics tutor to bring his B to an A. He is currently a full-time university student.

Caroline Harding

Age (at intro): 12 years old
Appearance: Small and thin with long black hair and brown eyes. Caroline loves bright colors and dresses in tights and skirts with lots of plastic jewelry
Personality: Very outgoing cynic. Playful and fearless
Background: Caroline is a super popular honor student in junior high. She tends to be nosy but would rather be with her friends from school than around her family.

Carter Davis

Age (at intro): 42 years old
Appearance: Medium-tall with an average build. Brown hair and a goatee
Personality: Friendly and noncombative
Background: Was once Raidon’s chauffeur and also his spy. Carter kept notes in his journals about his boss and Kaida. After Raidon was arrested, he hid the books away and reinvented himself as the Hardings’ family chef. He died suddenly from a heart attack at age 42.

Puck Harding

Age (at intro): 8 months old
Appearance: Lean young dalmatian
Personality: Hyperactive, over-friendly, and completely ignores commands and training
Background: Was a gift to Alex from his parents after Ricky moved out. The pup mostly ignores him but adores Fudo and his friend Mike. Puck loves people in general but hates guns.