Michael Thompson Sr.

Age (at intro): deceased @ 28
Appearance: Medium height, lean build. Short brown hair and hazel eyes
Personality: Family centered and passionate about his cause
Background: Mike Sr. was a single father following the death of his wife to an infection shortly after their son’s birth. Often working, he brought his toddler son to most meetings and campaign rallies with him. He had a vision to empower the poor and rejuvenate the city. He ran on a platform of renovating high-crime areas and supporting programs to curb unemployment and help the homeless. He was assassinated by a syndicate hit man the day before elections.

Mike Thompson Jr.

Age (at intro): 19 years old
Appearance: Short and lean. Brown hair and hazel eyes.
Personality: Often nervous or worried and prone to bouts of extremes in his emotions.
Background: Mike was orphaned at two years old and spent his childhood in the foster system. He ran away at fifteen years old and lived on the street. Shortly after, he was essentially adopted by Fudo Shibata. At seventeen, Mike was on trial for manslaughter and sentenced to psychological treatment. Mike currently attends Highlawn University as a pre-law major and makes ends meet as a barista in Susie’s Cafe.

Eric Mason

Age (at intro): 24 years old
Appearance: Short and somewhat muscular. Short blond hair and blue eyes. Dresses in upscale casual and likes light and pastel colors.
Personality: Optimistic visionary, happy and positive but stubborn (determined?)
Background: Eric went to Highlawn University and had a crush on Seiko (one of his professors), but she avoided socializing. After college, Eric founded a software company and grew his wealth, which he donates heavily to local causes and invests in real estate. Eric is also a volunteer firefighter. He prefers spending time in the poorer districts in town, where he hires locals to help build community centers and affordable housing.

Amber Taney

Age (at intro): 45 years old
Appearance: Blonde ringlets and green eyes
Personality: Take-charge
Background: Amber was the campaign manager for Mike Thompson Sr. Her husband is currently in prison for an attempt on her life for money motives. Amber was excited to meet Mike Jr. so many years after his father’s death and helped him get his GED and into college.

Mina Taney

Age (at intro): 20 years old
Appearance: On the short side and a little curvy. Straight blonde hair with a pink streak, blue-green eyes.
Personality: Extremely positive and outgoing, lights up rooms.
Background: Was often kept with Mike Jr. as a toddler but lost touch after his father’s death. Mina met Mike by chance when buying textbooks from Kaida and developed a fast crush. She is dating Mike now and always makes him smile.

Elaine Devon

Age (at intro): 34 years old
Appearance: Curly blonde hair and brown eyes
Personality: Professional and friendly
Background: Local newscaster celebrity. She is always one of the first at newsworthy scenes.

Gina Michaels
Age (at intro): 41 years old
Appearance: unknown
Personality: unknown
Background: Local newspaper reporter. Eric thinks she has a crush on her.