Dirk Ohtani

Age (at intro): 65 years old
Appearance: Tall and very muscular. Dark complexion, light blue eyes, curly blond hair and a soul patch. Usually wears jogging suits or sweats.
Personality: Stubborn and competitive, demands the same from his family and associates
Background: Formerly the superintendent of the city police, Dirk is now retired but continues to have contacts with the police department. He wants his sons and Yuki to be competitive fighters. Dirk is suspected to be a syndicate boss, and Raidon and other department heads report to him.

Melody Ohtani

Age (at intro): 62 years old
Appearance: Light complexion, round build. Curly blonde hair and blue eyes
Personality: Friendly and bubbly
Background: Spent most of her life as a stay-at-home mom of six kids. She is most attached and protective of her youngest Yuki, who is also her only daughter. Melody now involves herself with her husband and church activities and takes care of several cats and a small dog.

Trey Ohtani

Age (at intro): 40 years old
Appearance: Medium height, slightly overweight. Fair complexion with light blond hair and blue eyes. Small beard and mustache
Personality: Competitive
Background: Trey is a travel agent, happily married with three kids.

Lee Ohtani

Age (at intro): 37 years old
Appearance: Tall and muscular, dark complexion. Short golden hair and blue eyes
Personality: Arrogant and jovial, very competitive
Background: Lee is a basketball coach. He lives in an upper middle class suburban home with his wife and two daughters.

Brandon Ohtani

Age (at intro): 35 years old
Appearance: Medium height, underweight. Pale complexion and dark brown, usually unkempt hair. Blue eyes.
Personality: Laid back verging on lazy, his family accuses him of being paranoid. Sarcastic
Background: Usually unemployed. An alcoholic and a smoker, recently rehabbed from a drug habit and working on sobriety. Kicked out of his last apartment, Brandon moved in with his parents.

Shin Ohtani

Age (at intro): 31 years old
Appearance: Average height, muscular lean. Dark complexion with medium length blond hair and blue eyes.
Personality: Very outgoing and playful
Background: Shin owns a restaurant on the boardwalk. He’s quite successful and loves both work and beach life. Gets along well with his younger siblings but not his older ones.

Kin Ohtani

Age (at intro): 30 years old
Appearance: Average height, slightly overweight. Wavy medium-length blond hair and blue eyes. Has a mustache.
Personality: Jovial and loves kids
Background: Kin is an elementary school teacher. He lives near the beach and hangs out with his brother Shim much of the time.

Yuki Ohtani

Age (at intro): 29 years old
Appearance: Tall (5’10”), curvy, and muscular with a larger-than-life presence. Yuki has a dark complexion, long wavy blonde hair, and light blue eyes. She typically wears tight sports clothing that shows skin.
Personality: Bubbly and enthusiastic but a force to be reckoned with. Yuki has a tendency toward absent-mindedness but also Holmes-like perception and memory. Outgoing and loves a party. Has a dire fear of commitment.
Background: Yuki has five older brothers and was encouraged by her father to be competitive. She is a karate champion. She was once an army mechanic and then met her fiance at the police academy. Before they could be married, her fiance Luke was killed by a syndicate assassin. Yuki took up his personal cause and arrested the syndicate bosses before retiring from the police force. Currently, Yuki takes on a variety of part time jobs but occasionally assists the police department and often hangs around because her friend and roommate works there.

Molly Ohtani

Age (at intro): 12 years old
Appearance: Small overweight brown-and-white beagle
Personality: Mostly lazy from age. Loves to sit on laps. Friendly with family and strangers.
Background: Adopted by Dirk and Melody Ohtani when their youngest child graduated. Molly fills the empty-nest void.

Pappy Ohtani

Age (at intro): 106 years old
Appearance: Medium-tall. Bald with a gray mustache and confined to a wheelchair
Personality: Reserved but kind to those who deserve kindness
Background: Pappy is Yuki’s great grandfather. He was once a karate champion and police chief. He worries that some members of his family are involved in crime but has taken Yuki and Brad into his confidence.