Dirk Ohtani

Age (at intro): 65 years old
Appearance: Tall and very muscular. Dark complexion, light blue eyes, curly blond hair and a soul patch. Usually wears jogging suits or sweats.
Personality: Stubborn and competitive, demands the same from his family and associates
Background: Formerly the superintendent of the city police, Dirk is now retired but continues to have contacts with the police department. He wants his sons and Yuki to be competitive fighters. Dirk is suspected to be a syndicate boss, and Raidon and other department heads report to him.

Raidon Yamamura

Age (at intro): 52 years old
Appearance: Slightly taller than average with a lean build. Fair skin, black hair and brown eyes. Raidon usually dresses on the formal side and wears a small pince-nez.
Personality: Generally calm and calculating, Raidon is known for his generosity and for kindness to household staff, friends, and employees.
Background: Raidon has been the head of the syndicate assassins for at least two decades. He is a bachelor but has a (often one-sided) romantic relationship with his young employee Kaida, who lived with him on several occasions. Raidon leaves most of the training and operations to his immediate subordinate but sometimes micromanages. He answers directly to Dirk Ohtani. He does not carry a weapon but is a skilled fencer.

Hecate Yamamura

Age (at intro): 7 years old
Appearance: Lean black Doberman Pinscher with cropped ears and a docked tail
Personality: Fiercely loyal and affectionate to her master, aggressive to anyone viewed as a threat
Background: Raidon’s companion and guard dog raised from a puppy. Hecate’s main job is watching visitors during Raidon’s meetings so he won’t have to be on guard himself.

Meredith Neace

Age (at intro): 48 years old
Appearance: Average height, curvy stature. She has medium-length blonde hair and blue eyes. She prefers evening wear and pant suits and always wears stilettos.
Personality: Wickedly aggressive and a bit of a sadist. Has a dark sense of humor.
Background: Second in command to Raidon in the assassin branch of the syndicate. Meredith recruits and trains assassins and sometimes leads them in the field. Meredith is a widow. Her husband was killed in an altercation in the subway.

Kaida Shibata

Age (at intro): 34 years old
Appearance: Medium height, lean build, straight black hair and indigo eyes. Pale and fragile-looking like a porcelain doll, but usually clad in loose and concealing clothing. Kaida has a scar on her right wrist.
Personality: Kaida is protective of those closest to her but hides behind an air of apathy and sarcasm.
Background: The owner of Goro’s Used Books. Kaida bought the store after retiring from a life of crime as an assassin for the crime syndicate. Kaida was married at 18 and divorced at 23. Kaida suffers from insomnia and nightmares as a result of her former employer’s attempt to conceal her past. She currently lives a mostly law-abiding life but when pushed, she may take up arms to defend herself and her friends.

Fudo Shibata

Age (at intro): 39 years old
Appearance: Medium height and weight, chin-length dark blond hair and green eyes. Strong cleft chin. When in public, usually appears in disguise.
Personality: Fudo tends to brood when alone and has a history of suicide attempts. He has moments of near giddiness. He also tends to go into a crazed state with his homicidal sense of justice.
Background: Fudo worked in a traveling circus as a knife thrower. He was recruited into the crime syndicate as an assassin at age 22 and married Kaida a year later. Fudo was known for his rebellious nature in the syndicate. After the bosses were arrested, Fudo lived on the street only to turn to killing a few years later. The police department view him as a dangerous vigilante.

Toyo Natsuki

Age (at intro): 40 years old
Appearance: Average height, jolly round build. Black hair with a full beard and brown eyes. Toyo is fond of sweater vests and slacks. Usually uses a wheelchair or crutches and has several large scars on his face and torso.
Personality: Well-spoken and optimistic, a jolly soul who loves his friends, strangers, and children.
Background: Toyo was pulled into the syndicate when Fudo, his best friend and roommate in the circus, was recruited. Before then, he was a stage magician. Toyo’s role in the syndicate was as a safe cracker for a group of thieves. When his boss was arrested, Toyo turned himself in to police and spent five years in prison, honing his writing skills. He is now an author and an upstanding citizen. In a syndicate response to his writing, Toyo was attacked in his home and ended up in a coma. He has since recovered but continues needing physical therapy.

Celes Godwin

Age (at intro): 36 years old
Appearance: Average-tall height and modelesque build. Short light blonde hair and turquoise eyes, a beauty mark above her lip. Celes tends to wear baggy sweatsuits and hoodies.
Personality: Sweet and soft-spoken, somewhat bashful. Highly paranoid.
Background: Celes was once a race car driver but was sold to the syndicate by her father to pay off gambling debts. Celes worked as a driver for the thief branch of the syndicate. When the bosses were arrested, she went into hiding. Later, Raidon hired her as a chauffeur and helped clear her criminal records, but Celes turned against him and now lives in fear of the syndicate. Celes lives with Toyo in his home in a suburban neighborhood.

Penelope “Pepper” Oakes

Age (at intro): 24 years old
Appearance: Average height, lean. Long orange hair worn in braids. Green eyes and freckles. Pepper is missing an arm and an eye. She wears stiletto-headed boots and short skirts.
Personality: Self-absorbed, energetic.
Background: Pepper was a bomb builder for the syndicate before her accident and went into hiding when her usefulness came into question. Raidon gave her a second chance in exchange for working for him. Pepper was arrested on charges of assault and attempted murder and remains in prison.


Age (at intro): 27 years old
Appearance: Average height, medium build. Dark complexion and short black hair, brown eyes. Dozer wears glasses and button-up shirts.
Personality: Dozer is generally distant and detached and does not respond to social situations. He is always absorbed in a phone or device and has no sense of right or wrong or other social constructs or norms.
Background: Dozer once worked for the technology branch of the syndicate but went into hiding when the bosses were arrested. Raidon gave him his new job as his personal informant. Dozer also has a day job working as a coder in Eric Mason’s software company.


Age (at intro): 38 years old
Appearance: Nearly eight feet tall and around 400 lbs. Short brown hair and black eyes. Tim has trouble finding clothes t fit, usually t-shirts and sweatpants.
Personality: Quiet and thoughtful. Says very little and generally just takes orders.
Background: Tim befriended Fudo on the streets around the time Fudo was falling back into his killing ways. Tim was acting as a spy for Raidon. He spent some time as an assassin for Meredith. After Tim questioned Meredith’s techniques, Raidon took him out of the field and made him his personal butler and adviser.


Age (at intro): 32 years old
Appearance: Medium height and lean with short hair
Personality: Unknown
Background: A former assassin rehired by the syndicate for an assassination job. She was executed after being cornered by Yuki and Kaida.


Age (at intro): 23 years old
Appearance: Medium height and build, fair skin, short brown hair
Personality: Polite, introverted, tech-savy
Background: A new recruit bomb technician and thief for the syndicate. Was arrested for his attack on a university library.

Courtney “Valentine” Blaine

Age (at intro): 49 years old
Appearance: Tall and muscular. Tan complexion. Curly crimson hair and copper eyes with a scar across the right side of his face. Multiple ear piercings. Valentine prefers to dress in black with buckles and chains and always wears his tall boots. He usually wears light body armor and ties his hair with a garotte.
Personality: Controlling and confident, arrogant. Tends to be highly organized and wary of law enforcement. Valentine is a sadistic chauvinist who collects girls like playthings.
Background: Valentine’s mother died when he was young. He attended medical school but was kicked out when he could no longer afford tuition. He became a hitman to raise money. He was recruited to the syndicate shortly after, but often came to odds with Raidon over his techniques and attitude. When the bosses were arrested, Valentine went freelance again but was quick to accept Meredith’s offer to rehire.


Age (at intro): 56
Appearance: Tall and fit. Dark complexion and short silver hair with a small beard and mustache. Copper eyes. Scar on his right cheek.
Personality: Decisive. Professional. No-nonsense.
Background: A loyal member of the syndicate from very early on. Gibson is efficient and always professional. His only concern is the bottom line and getting due compensation for his work.


Age (at intro): 28
Appearance: Average height, lean, pale pink complexion. Green eyes and bald. Barbed wire tattoos on her head and both upper arms. A skull tattoo on her left shoulder, and a bald eagle on her right one. Multiple piercings in her ears, nose, and eyebrows.
Personality: Impatient and stubborn. Rebels against authority and demands entertainment by way of gunplay if possible.
Background: Young new assassin recruit and Meredith’s Neace. Former Marine, booted out for her attitude.


Age (at intro): 46
Appearance: Medium-tall, medium build, fair complexion. Short brown hair and blue eyes. Mustache
Personality: Paranoid, aggressive, anti-social
Background: Newer syndicate recruit. Derek is an avid hunter and sport enthusiast who recently lost his legitimate job and answered a cryptic ad for assassins.


Age (at intro): unknown
Appearance: unknown
Personality: Depends upon current persona. When out-of-character, tends to be quiet and reserved but not timid.
Background: Former stage actor who prefers to be in a role at all times. Quinn has a variety of characters, each with their own personalities and quirks.

Captain Jack

Age (at intro): 50
Appearance: Fairly average height and somewhat athletic build. Blue-gray eyes and light brown hair. He typically has a somewhat sloppy look with messy hair and stubble. Signs of age in laugh lines and crows feet.
Personality: Devil-may-care attitude toward most things in life. He finds joy in chaos and in wealth. He lacks any sense of empathy.
Background: Syndicate boss of the thieves/recovery team. Aside from drinking and parties, his passions are nautical. He manages his crew by executing the incompetent or disloyal.


Age (at intro): 44
Appearance: Average height and build. Longish brown hair and goatee. Prominent nose.
Personality: Usually personable but always professional when on the job. Enjoys the easy life and parties.
Background: Captain Jack’s right-hand man. He is the most aware of his boss’s mannerisms and idiosyncrasies and manages to keep on Jack’s good side.


Age (at intro): 43
Appearance: Darker complexion, lean, bald
Background: A member of captain Jack’s crew.