Yuki Ohtani

Age (at intro): 29 years old
Appearance: Tall (5’10”), curvy, and muscular with a larger-than-life presence. Yuki has a dark complexion, long wavy blonde hair, and light blue eyes. She typically wears tight sports clothing that shows skin.
Personality: Bubbly and enthusiastic but a force to be reckoned with. Yuki has a tendency toward absent-mindedness but also Holmes-like perception and memory. Outgoing and loves a party. Has a dire fear of commitment.
Background: Yuki has five older brothers and was encouraged by her father to be competitive. She is a karate champion. She was once an army mechanic and then met her fiance at the police academy. Before they could be married, her fiance Luke was killed by a syndicate assassin. Yuki took up his personal cause and arrested the syndicate bosses before retiring from the police force. Currently, Yuki takes on a variety of part time jobs but occasionally assists the police department and often hangs around because her friend and roommate works there.

Brad Lane

Age (at intro): 29 years old
Appearance: Medium height and slightly overweight, short black hair, brown eyes, and a medium light complexion. When out of uniform, Brad favors casual button-up shirts and slacks.
Personality: Jovial and laid-back, doesn’t seek to draw attention to himself or his abilities, which can create an illusion that he has none. Devoted to justice and to his friends.
Background: Brad was born in the same hospital as a Yuki and grew up alongside her practically a member of the family. He became a police officer at the same time and sees Yuki as a soulmate. He is also her sparring partner and can best her in karate matches despite having never taken a class himself. Brad is currently a low-level police officer, having never sought promotion, but is happy where he is.

Luke Allen

Age (at intro): Dead at 24
Appearance: Medium-tall with a muscular build. Blue eyes. Spiky black hair.
Personality: Outgoing and determined
Background: Met Yuki when he was an instructor at the police academy. Had two failed attempts at a wedding. In the first attempt, Yuki never showed up. In the second attempt, Luke was killed by a syndicate assassin.

Tara Price

Age (at intro): 25 years old
Appearance: Medium height and build, blue-green eyes with hair that is a pile of bright orange ringlets
Personality: Bold and crass, tends to say things bluntly and be sarcastic and rough. When not on-duty, she loves to party and socialize.
Background: Tara is a homicide detective and also takes other violent crime cases. She joined the police department several years after Brad but was promoted due to her ambition and drive. She is considered one of the meanest officers and doesn’t take crap from anyone.

Dirk Ohtani

Age (at intro): 65 years old
Appearance: Tall and very muscular. Dark complexion, light blue eyes, curly blond hair and a soul patch. Usually wears jogging suits or sweats.
Personality: Stubborn and competitive, demands the same from his family and associates
Background: Formerly the superintendent of the city police, Dirk is now retired but continues to have contacts with the police department. He wants his sons and Yuki to be competitive fighters. Dirk is suspected to be a syndicate boss, and Raidon and other department heads report to him.


Age (at intro): 19 years old
Appearance: Medium height and build, long red hair, green eyes, and freckles
Personality: Professional and quiet
Background: A young member of a bomb disposal unit, works exclusively with K9 partner Tybalt.


Age (at intro): 3 years old
Appearance: Small tricolor beagle
Personality: Ambitious and playful, loves to work
Background: A young member of a bomb disposal unit, works exclusively with handler Sheila.