Kaida Shibata
(formerly Lily Verona)

Age (at intro): 34 years old
Appearance: Medium height, straight black hair and indigo eyes. Pale and fragile-looking like a porcelain doll, but usually clad in loose and concealing clothing. Kaida has a scar on her right wrist.
Personality: Kaida is protective of those closest to her but hides behind an air of apathy and sarcasm.
Background: The owner of Goro’s Used Books. Kaida bought the store after retiring from a life of crime as an assassin for the crime syndicate. Kaida was married at 18 and divorced at 23. Kaida suffers from insomnia and nightmares as a result of her former employer’s attempt to conceal her past. She currently lives a mostly law-abiding life but when pushed, she may take up arms to defend herself and her friends.

Seiko Toriumi

Age (at intro): 24 years old
Appearance: Short and plain with no real figure, short brown hair and blue eyes. Wears glasses and usually plain and somewhat androgynous clothes. Missing a piece of her left ear and has a small scar on the left side of her neck.
Personality: Seiko is generally kind and courteous, but more openly sarcastic and blunt with her friends.
Background: Seiko was born in a neighboring town, a child genius. She started college at age 11. Her parents were killed by a home intruder when she was 12, and she spent the rest of her childhood years into early adulthood as a student and teacher and avoiding personal relationships. Seiko now lives in a room in the back of the bookstore and is trying to help Kaida come to terms with her past.


Age (at intro): 11 years old
Appearance: Round, short-haired, and bob-tailed with short ears and a brown spot on his nose.
Personality: Mostly laid-back, fond of his people and of some visitors but prone to cat-typical panic and hissy fits with strangers.
Background: Jiro has always lived in the bookstore and was left behind by the former owners.


Age (at intro): ???
Appearance: Over-sized suit of armor carrying a large ax. Often clad festively.
Personality: Strong silent sentinel.
Background: Jeff was acquired overseas by Kaida’s father many years ago.