As you might infer by the page number, this is not “the beginning.”

I started drawing Used Books at the end of 2006 and began uploading pages (due to a suggestion from my brother) in February 2007 to I have never claimed to be an artist, but no one else was going to bring my scripts to life, so I made the effort. I was drawing primarily for my two roommates (and best friends) and still am. In May 2011, I decided I needed more freedom — plus I wanted the webspace for my other hobbies, so I built this little site and transferred about a quarter of my comic over. The pages here start with my switch to full color (also the starting point for one of my printed books).

You can view my older pages either at my Drunkduck mirror or in my Photobucket album (which, btw, has a neat version for mobile devices). If you don’t wish to trudge through the 600-some pages prior to this, you can click the “Summary” link at the top of the page.

I hope you enjoy my story. I would usually apologize for my artwork, but I’ve done enough of that over the years and have since decided that it warrants no apologies and does not suck — at least not the majority of pages I transferred over. 😉 I’m no professional, but it tells my story.