I really nailed “past Kaida and Fudo” here, imo. I love how their expressions turned out. ^_^

If you aren’t reading this yet, check out the 2012 DrunkDuck Radio Play. It’s a fantastic community collaboration showcasing tons of talent in scripts, art, and voices. I drew one of the later pages (stay tuned) and lent my voice too. (Not sure how I was talked into that. I don’t much care for my voice. Heh.)



I have finished the printed version of “The Masquerade.” It’s a self-contained story, 60 pages long.

In celebration of the upcoming 1000th page of Used Books, I would love to give away some copies of this book in exchange for guest/fan art! While supplies last (I have six or seven, which is plenty, imo), anyone who creates guest art to celebrate UB’s 1000th page milestone will get a free copy of “The Masquerade,” signed and with a doodle/sketch of their favorite character. If you aren’t the drawing type, other artistic pieces are also legal tender in this case (fiction, poetry, song, what-have-you).

If you’d like to acquire a book through monetary transaction instead, you can order a copy through IndyPlanet.