It’s the most stressful time of the year in my offline life. Thank God for online people and webcomics. I immensely appreciate the comments. They brighten up my week.

Not much to say about this week’s page. I have’t changed my method of “nighttime” colors/lighting in a long time. There is nothing really of note to the art or writing on the page. I was hoping the long, mostly empty, horizontal panel would create a sense of “eerie quiet.”

The 10th anniversary of Used Books is coming up in a few weeks. I wish I had the drive to do something special, but as mentioned, stress. I’m considering a fan art showcase. Most of my fan art is from 2007 and 2008, but it still makes me happy to look at. I want to give back and promote some of my biggest supporters who have kept me going for the last decade. Fan art is only one of many ways people have supported and encouraged me. I’ll try to find a way to thank everyone I can for the comments and the writing help and art help. (I can’t even remember who suggested I start varying my panels and stop making them all square… I think it was the only comment they ever posted for me.)

Anyway, if you have anything to contribute, you can send it to (Plus, I’m on Facebook.)