I interpreted my script oddly and swapped panels four and five on my draft. (I had her try to stand and call for Fudo and then a close-up of wincing in pain.) When I started the final draft, I realized what my original script called for. Kaida was trying to stand to leave and only called to Fudo after she realized she couldn’t support herself. (I’m not sure if the motives translate well here, but that is the intention. 😛 Of course, they are both stubborn and facetious about it.)

I might miss an update or two this month while I’m helping with the DD Awards. I really want to keep up, and I’ll do my best, but I have my limitations. (I’m also working 35 hours a week.) You can help out by volunteering to judge/present in the awards. It would mean less work for the rest of us (but more for you). 😉