Today marks the official 10th Anniversary of Used Books (online)! In honor of the occasion, I spare you from my own art to instead bring you fans’, readers’, art traders’, and supporters’ renditions of Used Books characters and themes.

I’ve had a Fan Art gallery on the site since it began (long after the DD site), but I am officially unveiling the gallery on DrunkDuck.

Comments and fan art always make me smile and encourage me to keep going. This is my longest continuous creative project ever (not counting partially-written novels I put away from a couple decades and then add a sentence to). I also have to thank a few people for special roles.

~Gael and Bethany (whom I’ve been visiting this week): the inspiration behind Kaida and Yuki
~Tantz and JustNoPoint: most patient and willing sounding boards for storylines, character development, and dialogue details
~My sister Christine: interior decorator and style consultant, as well as a drama-check (the only reason Eric Mason is still alive)
~My brother Dave: posing for photo references and engaging in insightful discussions about staging, camera angles, and tropes

We will return to our current arc next Monday.