Just one page this week. I’m pretty darn proud to have finished it. I moved last weekend, started a new job, and several things were wrong with my RV when I hooked it up (major bills stressing me out). The next page should be done by next Monday.

UB police officers are generally pretty effective and professional, and I didn’t mean for this one to come off as less so. Working in a National Park, I know law enforcement officers (rangers) and what they put up with. I know the reader will empathize more with Tristan, but from the officer’s view point, there’s a guy (and he looks like a criminal) trespassing on a dangerous crime scene, interfering with firefighters, and stuttering. Meanwhile, an emergency is called in. This guy is having a rough night — and there’s a good chance he’ll be reprimanded later for not getting more information from Tristan and dealing with this.