Curiosity Gift Shop

This is where you can buy gifts (for people ;) ), and the proceeds help me pay for my webspace and other things--all for my rats and for continuing breeding and sharing information. No, it's not a charity thing. It's you buying nice gifts with rat designs I've made. After all, we rat people have a hard time finding rat-themed gifts anyway.

Everything is really high quality, and there is a money-back policy.

My shop has two sections: products using photos of my rats, and products using drawings I made of rats. Links (the subheadings) open in a new window, because some browsers aren't compatible with the shopping cart in frames. There are A LOT of items in these stores. I'm just picking out some of my favorites as examples.

You have to order these items through the online shop. I don't have them on hand. (I send the company my design and they manufature these items when you order them.)

Shop with Photos

Here are some of the items featured in this shop:

Care BookShirtsMousepadJournalCalendar

Shop with Illustrations

Here are some of the items featured in this shop:

SweatshirtShirtsRat Clock--my proudest creationTote BagBaseball Cap

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