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Sire: Mack (beige Berkshire)
Dam: Fortune (black Berkshire)
Birthdate: Feb. 19, 2002
Numbers: 16 total (8 males, 7 females, 1 stillborn)
Colors/markings/types: Black and beige/self, Berkshire, hooded/standard type
Kept: Aerik, Athene, Amelie

Sire: Yeti (seal-point Siamese hooded satin)
Dam: Misfit Solitaire (seal-point Siamese Berkshire)
Birthdate: June 3, 2002
Numbers: 4 total (1 male, 3 females)
Colors/markings/types: Seal-point Siamese/Berkshire & hooded/standard & satin
Kept: Butchy & Belldandy

Sire: Lir (odd-eyed blue banded)
Dam: Misfit Domino (seal-point himalayan variegated)
Birthdate: June 8, 2002
Numbers: 8 total (4 males, 4 females--1 died of megacolon)
Colors/markings/types: Black, himalayan, albino/Berkshire & hooded/standard
Kept: Corbin, Lumpy, Caridwen, Cairo, Sugar

Sire: CU Butchy (seal-point Siamese hooded satin)
Dam: CU Belldandy (seal-point Siamese Berkshire)
Birthdate: Oct. 29, 2002
Numbers: 12 total (8 males, 4 females)
Colors/markings/types: Seal-point siamese/Berkshire/standard & satin
Kept: Dante, Dojo, Scratch, Dotta

Sire: CU Aerik (black Berkshire)
Dam: Dash (black variegated)
Birthdate: Feb. 13, 2003
Numbers: 11 total (6 males, 5 females)
Colors/markings/types: Black/self, Berkshire, capped/standard
Kept: Egon, Einstein, Eve

Sire: CU Egon (black bareback)
Dam: RHR Saria (agouti capped)
Birthdate: Oct. 1, 2003
NARR #: 03CU0107
Numbers: 11 total (8 males, 3 females)
Colors/markings/types: Black, agouti, fawn, beige/bareback, capped, patched/standard
Kept: Lupin, Fujiko, Mako

Sire: KDR Cupid (mismarked seal-point himalayan double Rex dumbo)
Dam: NXPR Psyche (blue variberk teddy Rex dumbo)
Birthdate: Oct. 24, 2003
NARR #: 03CU0115
Numbers: 8 total (4 males, 3 females, 1 stillborn)
Colors/markings/types: Black/mismarked variegated, capped, BEW?/Rex and double Rex dumbo
Kept: Jigen & Aki Hana

Sire: KDR Cupid (mismarked seal-point himalayan double Rex dumbo)
Dam: RHR Saria (agouti capped)
Birthdate: Jan. 23, 2004
NARR #: 04CU0024
Numbers: 8 total (1 male, 6 females, 1 died early)
Colors/markings/types: Black, Agouti/masked, bareback/Standard-eared & dumbo teddy Rexes
Kept: Zenigata & Havana

Sire: CU George (mismarked BEW Rex dumbo)
Dam: CU Mako (fawn capped)
Birthdate: April 14, 2004
NARR #: Pending...
Numbers: 10 total (7 males, 3 females)
Colors/markings/types: Black, agouti, blue agouti, cinnamon, fawn/capped, bareback/standard, dumbo, teddy Rex
Kept: Icarus, Inu Yasha, & Isis

Sire: CU Dante (seal-point siamese Irish)
Dam: Yuna (mock albino dumbo hairless)
Birthdate: April 19, 2004
Numbers: 4 total (2 males, 1 female, 1 stillborn)
Colors/markings/types: Black/variberk, bareback/standard
Kept: Gilder, Vyse, & Aika
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