AFRMA: Club in southern CA.
NARR: Rat Registry to help keep track of rats' pedigrees and health.
NERS: England rat club.
RAATS in the Carolinas: Rat Club in the SE USA.
Rat Fan Club: Online club/resource for rat owners.
RMCA: Some good articles here. No registry or shows.
RMFE: Chicago area club running a registry and two shows a year.
RSA: Parent organization for other rat clubs in the US.

General Care Info Rat Info: Good source of links and articles.
Aggressive Male Rats: Tips on dealing with aggressive males.
Animal Medical Center: Rat Care: Rat article made by my vet.
Cage Calculator: Type in cage dimensions to find out rat capacity.
The Dapper Rat: Cute site with neat homemade cage and toys and fun stuff.
Especially for Newbies: Good articles for new rat owners.
Fancy Neat UK site.
Fancy Rats FAQ: An oldie, but good basic info.
Goosemoose Forum
How to Rent: Tips on renting an apartment and keeping a pet.
Inspecting Pet Stores: If you have to get a rat at a store...
Introduction to the Rat Race: This site is old to, but I like it.
Rat & Mouse Buyer's Checklist: Things to look for and beware of when searching for the new addition.
Fancy Neat UK site.
Rat Guide
Rat Palace: Nice layout, some good articles.
Rat Sauce: Fun site! Great pictures and info.
The Rat's Guide: Cute! From a rat's point of view.
Ratty Rat: Unique site, very fun. Good tips, info, and reviews!
Spaz Rats: Lots of good info here.
Suebee's Rats Rule: Great rat info and a highly recommended homemade diet.
Training Rats: All about training rats.
Why Rats Need Company: The case against single rats.
Your First Rats: My site, a simple guide for new rat owners.

Health Info

Health (
Health (Your First Rats)
Health Guide
Health of the Fancy Rat
Helpful Info
Just the Rats Ma'am
Medical Information
Medical Page
Rat Health Checks
Veterinary Insurance: Vet bills can be expensive, and insurance can help you out.
More Health Articles/Links...


Angela's Rabbit Adoption
The Herber Downs Rescue
Kim's Ark
Rat & Mouse Orphans
Rat Association of Texas
Rats for Rehoming
Rat Rehoming Register
Rat Rescue
R.T. Rat and Mouse Rescue
Wee Companions

Breeder Directories

The Ratster
RMCA Breeders List
Rodent Breeders List
Rodent Central: USA Breeders

Breeders I Recommend

KeelzDragonz: Toledo, OH. Specializes in hairless and siamese. (Got a double Rex from her.)
Misfit: DC area. First breeder I ever met. Sweet ratties.
NixPack: Chicago area. Very professional and very friendly (gorgeous rats, too).
Raven's Heart Chicago area. I got a sweet capped girl from her.
Sweet Genes: Chicago area. The rats I got from her are/were very sweet and healthy, and she's helped me out a lot.


Animal Den: Gifts (toys, calandars, etc.) for animal lovers.
Brisky Pet Products
Bunny Bytes
Custom Cage Works
Crafty Rat Shop: You can buy Teklad lab blocks here.
The Dapper Rat: Toys, hammocks, etc. in Australia.
Ebay: Find new and used supplies for good deals.
Fern Cages: A bit pricy but nice cages.
The Ferret Store: Free shipping on orders over $35.
For Ferrets Only: Cages and accessories (rats like 'em too!).
Jeffers Pet
K & D Exotics: Some supplies for exotics. They sell Wodent Wheels.
Kim's Ark Store: Proceeds benefit the rescue.
Klubertanz Equipment Co.: Source for cage building supplies.
KV Vet Supply
Leith Petwerks
Maine Cage Factory
Martin's Cages: Best rat cages around!
Mazuri Feeds
Pet Food Direct
Pet Food Express
Pet Medicine Chest: Herbal/alternate medicine for pets.
Pet Pack: UK pet supplies. (Neat rat starter kit.)
Pet Ranch Discount: Small selection, but good prices. Great selection. For a quick list of rat products click here.
Pets Warehouse: HUGE catalog of pet supplies.
Quality Cage Co.: They have tank toppers.
The Raggy Rat Co.: Adorable stuffed rats (in the UK).
Safeguard Cages
That Pet Place
Valley Vet
Wee Forest Folk: They're actually figurines of mice, but still really cute. :)
Wodent Wheels: Wheels rats actually enjoy and are very safe!


The Karnimata Temple
Pedigree Generator
Pet of the Day
Pet Rat Photos
Rodent Graphics
Running of the Rodents

Pet Names

Behind the Name
Dog Names
Irish Pet Names
A Zillion Dog Names

Other Rodents

Caring for Hamsters
Finnmouse's Site
Guinea Pig Compendium
Luv 'N Chins
The National Gerbil Society
More Rodent Links...

Worthy Critter Causes & Issues

Note, the opinions of the authors of these sites do not necessarily reflect my own, but they are good sources of information (as long as you can use good judgement to separate fact from opinion) and a jumping off point for people who want to take a stand on something or want to report abuse.

ALIS: Information about animals used in medical research (ethics, alternatives, etc.)
Animal Abuse and Human Abuse: The two are linked.
Bad Rap: "Blame the deed, not the breed."
Clawed for Life: There are alternatives to declawing any animal...
Don't Litter: Spay and neuter all cats and dogs for their health and to control the pet population.)
Glue Traps: Pans of Pain: Wild rodents deserve humane treatment too!
Greyhound Protection League: The plight of racing dogs.
Guide to Letter Writing: Some tips on voicing your opinion and being heard.
No Gift for the Animals: Against the buying of animals on impulse and giving them as gifts. A database of pet abuse cases and information about preventing abuse.
Pet Shops: No Bargain for Animals: How to spot abuse in stores, and what to do.
Pet Shop Laws: Learn the laws that apply to the care of animals in stores.
Pet Trade Activism
Pet Trade Information: Problems with pet stores and other retailers (focus on reptiles).
Smoking Animals: Facts on the tobacco industry and animal testing.)
Sold a Sick Animal?: Steps to take.
Take Action Against Pet Store Abuse: Don't buy("rescue") those pet store rats! Take action to make a real difference!
Voices for the Voiceless: The truth about pet stores and "mills."

Virtual/Cyber Pets

Adopt-a-Dog: Free tamagotchi-like online game. Free trial online game.
Aquatica: Free trial download. Aquarium sim. Official site for the game Babyz.
Carolyn's Creations: You can download "Fancy Ratz" for use in your Catz game. (See
CCA: Club for "breeders" of cyber cats, cute graphics that "live" on websites.
Cyber Critters: Rats, mice, hamsters, and other cute critters I drew for websites.
Felix: Free download. Cat that plays on your desktop.
Happy House: Free download. Fat little hamster to feed and watch.
Meow Pal: Free download. Desktop kitty from Meow Mix.
Neko: Another free desktop pet like Felix and Meow Pal.
Neopets: Free online game.
PetFish: Download and online aquarium.
The Pet Game: Free online game.
Petz 4 Demo: Free downloadable demo of the Petz games. Official Site for the Petz games (best virtual pets ever!) Free downloads that "live" on your desktop.
Virtual Creatures: Free demo downloads of a neat fish and tarantulas.
VirtualDog: Free online game.
Virtual Kitty: Free tamagotchi-like online game.
Virtual Puppy: Free tamagotchi-like online game.

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