Are Rats Right for You?

I've said it many times. Rats are great pets. For me, they are perfect pets. However, I realize that there is no such thing as a perfect pet for everyone. Rats have their particular quirks and requirements that may or may not fit what you want or need in a pet.

If you answer "true" to all these questions, rats might be the ideal pets for you and your family.
  1. No one in my home is afraid of rats.
  2. If I rent, my landlord allows caged pets.
  3. I don't live in an area where pet rats are illegal (ie. Alberta).
  4. No one in my house is allergic to rats.
  5. I can keep my rats in a safe and healthy environment, indoors, with proper temperature (65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit).
  6. I like the general appearence and personality of rats.
  7. If there are small children in the house, they can be kept away from the rats when not supervised.
  8. If there are other animals in the house, they can be kept away from the rats when not supervised.
  9. I have room in my home for a 15 gallon aquarium or similar-sized cage.
  10. I can afford $30-$50 for a good cage and supplies.
  11. I can afford around $10 a month for quality food and litter.
  12. I am willing and able to pay for any unforseen costs (like emergency surgery).
  13. I know a nearby vet who treats rats.
  14. I plan to get two or more rats to house together.
  15. I can clean cages every week or as necessary.
  16. I (or people in my house) don't mind whatever rat odor there is.
  17. I can devote an hour or more a day to holding and playing with them.
  18. I can make arrangements for their care if I go on vacation.
  19. I can take care of them for their entire lives (up to four years).
  20. I can emotionally handle a rat's short lifespan, knowing I will get attached to him.

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