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Like any animal, rats can get sick or hurt. While most rats are healthy animals when given proper care and a good diet, even rats that are very well cared for can get sick or hurt, and it is our responsibility as their owners to take care of them. This page is links to other sites with rat health information, because I don't see much point in restating what others have already said so well. Use these articles to help understand your rats' health, but not as a sole resource! All the knowledge in the world is not a replacement for a good vet! Sources of articles are listed in parentheses. I didn't write these articles (except the ones attributed to me), so don't ask me about them. (The supplies section is an exception.)

The best health resource for rats is Debbie Ducommun's Rat Health Care booklet. It contains all the vital information on general care, medications, vets, surgery, diseases and injuries, and everything else you need to keep your rats healthy.

WARNING: Some of the vet procedures links contain graphic images of surgery. Other links also may contain images of the conditions being discussed.


Medicines and Supplements


Respiratory Problems

Injuries & Accidents

Ears, Teeth, Eyes, & Skin



Reproduction/Hereditary Problems

Vets & Procedures

Old Age and Death

General Health Info

Health Supplies
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