Rat cages and commercial toys can be very expensive, but take heart! Rat lovers all over the internet have instructions and/or blueprints for cheaply homemade cages and toys.

(Note: The following links lead to pages outside this site, and full credit for the ideas and blueprints belong to their creators, not me.)

Wire Cage Plans

Plans for a Wire Cage
Cement Mixing Tray Cage
Round Cages
Build a HUGE cage for 50 bucks
Cage building ideas
Rattie Cages
Build Your Own Sugar Glider Cage
How to Make a Sugar Glider Cage
Ron's Chinchilla Cage Page
Convert a 10-gallon Tank into a Multi-Level Cage
Homemade Ferret Cage
Indoor Rabbit Cage

Shelf Cage Plans

Building your own rat cage
The Cage Page
Ratty Heaven
Andrea's Rat Cage
The Rat Mansion
ChinBin's Cage Plans

Single-Level Cage Plans

Supercheap Spare Cage
Sterilite Mouse Cage
Plexiglass & Sterilite Cages

Unusual Cage Plans

Knock Down PVC Cage
Cavy Cages
Another Homemade Cage
RatzRUs Cage Examples
Chinchilla, Jird, & Hamster Cages
Building a Guinea Pig Hutch
DIY Gerbil Cages
Ron's Chinchilla Cages
A Collection of Cages (Non-English, but great pics!)
RATing Cages
Rabbit Cage

DIY Toys

Homemade Harness
Make a Ratty Hammock
Toys for Rats
Rat Toy Ideas


Suebee's Rat Diet
RMCA Recipes 1
RMCA Recipes 2
Rat Health Food
Rodent Food Recipes
Marwin Rattery Diet
Dog Recipes
Dog Biscuits
Wheaten Milk Biscuits
Pasta & Rice for Birds


A Simple Playpen
More Playpen Ideas
Easy Aquarium Lid

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