My email adress is If there are prblems with that address, I can be reached at (but I rarely check that email, so don't expect a quick response.)

I live in Halifax, VA. Please make sure you are willing/able to get here before you reserve a rat (or at least well before the aranged pick-up date), so we can avoid sudden cancellations and miscommunications.

And remember ALL emails I get about selling my rats to pet stores or as feeders will be deleted with no reply. I also frown upon keeping rats singly and "backyard breeding," so don't expect to get far with me if your intentions fall into one of those categories. (Sorry to be so blunt, but I get tired of drawn out conversations and debates. I am generally an open and understanding person, but there are a few big NO's about keeping rats. If you want to know a few others, just look into my info section. I care about keeping rats and owners happy and safe.)

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